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January 28, 2021
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August 29, 2021

Hamiltair has installed a new entry system that will open the gate for you automatically & keep track of all vehicle entries as well. For owners only, it is a small sticker that goes on your windshield and the system reads the sticker to open the gate. This will help with security and replace the gate openers currently in use. As the existing gate openers have been given out to trades, Realtors, and other non-members of the community over time, this upgrade will reestablish access control to Hamiltair.


  • Each house will get 2 tags for free
  • Extra tags are $20/ea & ONLY for an immediate family members car (no friends, guests, or trades)
  • ONLY Rusty can install these tags onto owner vehicles

We will be turning off the gate openers after the tags have been installed, so make sure you get your tags before too long. As Rusty is the only person that can activate a tag, you may need to make an appointment to get your tags.

Thank you,
HPOA Board of Directors