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October 9, 2019
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January 26, 2021

Hello Hamiltair Dog Owners

Please be respectful of your neighbors when you are walking your dogs in the neighborhood.

Do not use your neighbors property as a restroom when walking your dogs.

Always clean up after your dog has done its duty. I have had many calls, and photos, of people using their neighbors property as a bathroom for their dogs. This just leaves scents behind that attract other dogs wanting to use this space as a restroom. This is not fair to the owner of the property. Please keep your dog on the road and always clean up after them. 

Dogs are are not allowed on Hamiltair beaches.

Kids play in the sand and if dogs have been there before, kids are playing in the dogs restroom, and that’s just not right. Please keep your dogs on a leach at all times and under control. The Season has just started and I have had too many complaints about dogs running loose, on the Beaches and docks running loose and one dog fight because dogs off leash and owners not controlling their dogs.

If you take your dogs to the lake, keep them on your boat with you and under control at all times. 

Thank you,