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April 1, 2020
Pet Owners, Please be Respectful
May 30, 2020

Covid-19 – Board Letter

Hamiltair Estates Letter from your Board

Welcome to the 2020 season. Our community is sprucing up and anticipating a busy season. Our beaches have been groomed and community facilities are open. Because of the Covid-19 virus, this season will be different and many of our usual community activities will have to be curtailed. We are notifying you of these changes early in the season, as your cooperation will be essential to make this season an enjoyable success.

Our community will be following County of San Bernardino and ALA directives, which are based on state directives regarding socialization and designated activity restriction. Please see the County of San Bernardino and ALA websites and publications for social distancing and wearing of mask guidelines. It is important to follow these directives or tighter restrictions may be imposed.

Currently, there are restrictions imposing social distancing of 6 feet and limits groups to no more than 10 individual as well as others. While these directives are fluid and subject to change with improving conditions, given the current status and impact on our community activities and considering the preparation and cost commitments that are incurred to sponsor these activities, the Board has decided to cancel the Golf Cart Parade, the 4th of July barbeque and the labor day Fishing Derby. Please plan accordingly.

However, we do want to make the 4th of July as festive as possible and inspire a patriotic community spirit. We do ask that you consider decorating the front of your home and curbside with patriotic ornaments and decorations above and beyond the norm. Folks will be taking photographs and will place them on the Hamiltair web page.

The group restriction will most likely require changes to our annual meeting format as well. We are looking into having our meeting as we usually schedule on July 4, 2020. Whether we are able to meet in person or need to meet by phone is yet to be determined and will be decided as we get closer to the date. Instructions will be provided in either case.

In either event your participation is needed to have a quorum and make our annual meeting a valid meeting. In addition to personal attendance we are also looking at the feasibility of utilizing member proxy authorizations in order to conduct the meeting and achieve a quorum. Information regarding such process will be provided to the membership in advance, along with any documents that would be distributed at the annual meeting.

As mentioned earlier we are anticipating a busy season. Please remember, our community is very intergenerational and there are many diversified sensitivities to music, activities, ages, noise levels, pets, street toys and privacy. To make it enjoyable to all please maintain a respectful and courteous rapport with each other and remind your guests and extended family members to do the same. Please review the community rules and have a great season.